13 May

Why I Quit Running And Hiding

My whole life I have known things.

I have seen things in my head that play like a movie. Sometimes I see just a still photo in my head of a situation.
I have heard a voice in my head guiding me to greatness for years.
Often I have a feeling whether something is right or wrong.
And then there are the ones who have passed….I talk with passed loved ones. They come to visit with messages and sometimes they need help. And I am not talking about just my passed loved ones…I mean anyone’s passed loved ones.
It isn’t just my life that I receive messages about…I can see, hear, feel, and know about other people’s lives as well.

I know it sounds crazy.
I know it does…because that is what I was called for years. And the person who called me crazy the most was me. Yes me.
Society taught me that having these gifts made me crazy. Time and time again, when I would share my gifts, the people who I would share with would tell me that I was crazy. That was what they believed. And the sad thing is I bought into that belief.
So I grew up trying to hide, ignore, and run from the very gifts I was blessed with to help live my life. I tried to disconnect from the way I was made. I thought I was crazy.
When something drastic would happen then I was all too happy to follow the messages, my gifts, and their leading. That is, until I was out of the scrape I was in because then I would go back to believing I was crazy.

When I did not follow where the messages led me then some pretty dark things happened in my life. The messages I receive always lead to healing and ultimate unconditional love. It is as if the messages and the gift of being able to read them are my GPS for a good and loving life.

When I was 32 I had a near death experience. And when I went up into the white light I finally knew who I was and why I had the particular gifts I had. The answers were immediately known. I also knew the answers for everything were inside of each and everyone of us. I knew that I was on earth to share. I knew that I was on earth to support others with love, hope, and transformation. I knew that I was a gift. I knew that I needed to let people know about my gifts and what I could do with them.

Yet, it was still hard to share with others who had ridiculed me in the past. It was hard to share with people how I could be used as a messenger from Divine to support them on their journey. So I was very very selective in who I told.

As time went on I helped people close to me with a plenitude of issues. The messages that came through me helped to empower them. I was used for confirmation, information, guidance, wise counsel…you name it. I found myself very honored to be using my gifts for such greatness.
And yet I had only told a few people…those I trusted.

I started hearing the call to tell more people. “More people? What? No no no…I’m good. I will just help those close to me.” And yet I knew that messages from Divine were not just for the select few.

I started being woken up at night with a voice telling me to share my messages and to share my gifts. This just wasn’t going to quit until I started sharing.

Eventually I started telling people I would just meet about my gifts. A funny thing happened…they accepted me and even embraced me! I found that the right people were coming into my life and a lot of them were looking for confirmation and guidance.

The more people I opened up to the stronger I became. The more people I opened up to the more I was used to help in their lives. The more people I helped the more I knew I was doing what I was meant to do.
I began to see people receive exactly what they needed when they would chat with me. It wasn’t me doing it though. The information comes through me. I am a messenger.

I have been called many things over the last few years. Prophet, oracle, psychic, healer, medicine woman, intuitive, are a few of what people have called me.

I have another word for me….blessed.

Walking in the power of who I am has blessed me beyond measure. I am honored to be walking in my full created greatness.
I am honored to be able to support so many on their journey.

No longer do I run from myself and hide my truth. I quit running and hiding.

Now I give and receive…and love.

I am blessed.


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