06 Jul

What we Feel Matters the Most

It is not what we see that matters, but what we feel.

Today a beautiful thing happened . . . A mother deer and her baby walked through my yard.

As the doe intently watched, listened, and carefully picked her way across our lawns, I was awestruck by her beauty and by the message I was feeling coming from her. I could feel the intense unconditional love that the doe has for her baby and the gentleness in her spirit and her ways.

Deer have always symbolized an energy of innocence and peaceful living for me. Whenever I see them I sigh and breathe in their peaceful energy. The way they move and their big beautiful eyes always seem to say “There is peace all around us if we just let it in.” I love watching deer graze in a meadow or laying down for a rest. Deer energy has a calming feeling to it.

I was completely blessed to watch this doe and fawn come openly out onto my lawn, walk around my house, and go through my back yard. I was blessed to receive the message of love, peace, and innocence. And the message went even deeper…..there was something speaking to me about the bond between the mother and the baby. The bond that fills the need and desire of the baby fawn to be nurtured and protected. And as I watched from several windows in my house, I realized something. The doe felt safe in bringing her baby fawn through my yard. She felt safe in being out in the open and close to my house and myself. Yes, she was watching, but she felt safe. She ‘felt’ safe.

I thought to myself, it is not what we see that matters, but what we feel. What we feel is what matters most.

So often we overlook what we feel. We can close down what we feel. We choose to ignore our feelings, or not to follow them, because of some conditioning we have had or some other reason. I know in my past, ignoring my feelings about a situation or a person has gotten me in some trouble. I have learned to always trust my feelings.

The doe came today to remind us that safety is all around us and to follow our feelings. When we ‘feel’ something is right…then it is and to follow that inner guidance.

What issue are you facing right now?

Close your eyes and feel for the answer. Feel the peace and calm of the deer and let the answer come to you. Ask yourself a simple yes or no question about your situation and feel the answer come.

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Believing in you,

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