13 May

What’s It Going To Take To Change My Life For The Better?

I overheard a discussion in the women’s bathroom the other day. Did you know you can find a lot of truth in the bathroom? It is like the door is covered in truth serum or something. Anyways, I heard a couple women talking. They were talking about their life and how it isn’t going as they had dreamed it would. How they seem to attract bad boyfriends and bad bosses. One of them said “If things would just change then my life would be good.”

What is change?
What does it take to change one’s life?

Change is a verb. Change means action. Change means to become different, altered, modified…transformed.
These women, and so many others, crave change to improve their situation but are not sure of how to go about changing.

First of all, change starts within. We cannot expect change to happen to others in order to change our life. Change has to happen to our life…to us.
In my life I have experienced deep and everlasting change. I decided to take a look at what does it really take to change one’s life.

C – Commitment….Change takes commitment. When one wants to become different then one cannot stay the same. We have to bust out of our comfort zone and make a new comfort zone. It takes commitment to the cause, to change, to stay the course.

H – Honor….It takes honor in order to transform one’s life. One must honor the fact that they are worthy and deserving of change. We all are. We all deserve the best life has to offer. And life is waiting to just serve up the best for us…all we need do is to ask. If we honor our journey and ourselves then we will keep after our goal of change.

A – Authenticity….One must get authentic with self in order to change. If we will not look at our problems in a different way, than we did, then we are doomed to repeat them over and over. Get authentic, and true, and take a deep long look. Try from different angles and get different results. Get authentic with yourself and with what you want.

N – Never ever give up….Never ever ever give up. Ever. Change can be hard. Change is an action word for a reason. One must never ever give up. Know you are worth the transformation that you want. Know your life can change and all for the better if you wish and if you never give up seeking that which you want.

G – Get ready for growth….If you want it then it will happen. So get ready for it. Life will never be the same. Envision your life the way you want it and get ready for growth.

E – Evolve….Be gentle with yourself and give yourself time to evolve. Give yourself time to develop gradually. Evolve and keep evolving until you get where you want to be. Evolve until you are living the life of your dreams. You deserve it.

Think of yourself like a beautiful butterfly. It didn’t always have those beautiful wings. It started off crawling through all the mud and crud of its life. Then it took time to transform from within. The beautiful butterfly committed itself to change….and change it did.

If you are wanting more out of life, be like the butterfly and ask yourself “What’s it going to take to change my life for the better?” and go ahead and do it. Do it for you.
One step at a time you will get there.
And soon you will be living your dreams…and THAT is a beautiful thing.

Believing in you,


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