Hello beautiful soul,

I am excited and honored that your journey has brought you here.

There are no coincidences. This is the perfect time in your life to seek out what you are looking for.

Who is Paula and what does she do? Good question. I am passionate about supporting others to find their truth within them, release beliefs that do not serve them, and to live the life they have dreamed of. The reason why is because I have been there, in an unhappy life, with unhappy thoughts and unhappy relationships. I have quite a story behind me.

My story started off in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I was born the youngest of three siblings and the only girl. I was like most girls growing up. I liked puppies, rainbows, barbies, horses, and chocolate cake. My world was a beautiful place.

Then, at the tender age of 5, a male babysitter would crash my beautiful world. He brought a darkness into my life and soul. He did things to me that should never be done to a 5 year old. This set me up for a lifetime of low self esteem, hateful thoughts, and sabotaging behaviour. Over the next 32 years I experienced the darkest times of my life. I picked toxic relationships. I abused alcohol. I was raped twice. I married an abusive man. I suffered from extreme depression. I struggled to just put on a smile for my two little boys. I did not love myself. I tried to commit suicide many times. On August 19, 2000 I succeeded. I had a near death experience complete with the white light and all.

During my near death experience, I experienced who I really am. I suddenly knew the truth about me. That I am love. I am not negative and abuse. I AM LOVE. When I came back to my body I knew my life had to change. I knew I was in charge of changing it. And I knew that what I allow will continue. Whether it was good, bad, or indifferent what I allow will continue. I made a promise that very day. I promised to do whatever it took to become positive and to live a positive life.

Step by step things started to change in my life. Everyday I became more and more positive. The people in my life did not affect me the same way they did before. I got divorced. Life was becoming happy and joyful. I knew I was on the right path.

Living my life positively everyday has led me on a journey which I had only imagined before. I started dating the man of my dreams. We married in 2004 and had two more children. I became a certified empowerment facilitator, empowerment mentor, intuitive development mentor, certified John Maxwell Coach, best selling author, and inspirational speaker. Now I support other people to leave behind what is blocking them from living their dreams. I am so honored and blessed to be able to do this.

I believe we all have it within us to live the life we have dreamed of.

I am living proof it can be done.

If you are interested in what I do and offer please look around on this site and feel free to contact me.

Believing in you,