Hello And Welcome To InSpirit Soul Healing And Reading!

What is an InSpirit Soul Healing/Reading?

It is a time just for you, when Divine sends messages through me to
you, to assist you in any way you need and move you forward on your
You will get answers. You will get guidance. You will get the support
you are looking for.
An InSpirit Soul Healing/Reading session is your very own Divine
I am honored that I have been given the gifts of seeing, hearing,
knowing, experiencing past lives, communicating with those who have
passed, shamanic journeying, medicine woman healing, and many other ways Divine wants to communicate.
I am honored to support others with these gifts.

How long is a session?

Usually about an hour

Where are the sessions held?

In person, over the phone, over Skype

What is the price of a session?


Want Your InSpirit Soul Session Gifted Free Of Charge? Host an InSpirit Soul day. With five of your friends (or more) booking a session, at a place that you host or by Skype...you will receive your session as a gift from me at no cost!

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